Fishing Rules

The detailed fishing rules are contained in the permits issued. Some of these rules are standard, obvious, or relate to fishing etiquette. However, the most important regulations are as follows:-

Our Lease

We have the fishing from opening day on 11th February until 30th September. There is no Sunday fishing.

Spey Board Catch and Release Policy


New legislation/rules was implemented for the 2015 season....all fish to be returned until May/June. Thereafter, return all hen fish and you may retain every second cock fish.
Throughout season, all stale or gravid fish must be released.
Escaped farmed salmon must be retained � usually dumpy tails.

Sea Trout

  1. Finnock: Release all fish of 10oz/10/25cm or less.
  2. Seatrout: Release all fish of 3lbs/20/50cm or more.
  3. Bag limit: 2 seatrout or finnock of takeable size per day.
  4. Unseasonable fish: Release smolts, stale fish, kelts, over wintered finnock.

Fochabers Association Rules

  • Fly fishing only - single or double hooked flies only. However, spinning is allowed at times of very high water (above 1 metre on the Sepa site at Boat O' Brig) subject to strict conditions detailed on the permit.
  • Permit is not transferable
  • Fishing for visitors is strictly from 5am to 7pm. Under no circumstances can visitors fish outwith these times, and failure to comply will result in immediate withdrawal of permit.
  • Please note however that the terms of our lease state that fishing effort should not exceed 9 hours in any day. This must be strictly adhered to.
  • After catching a salmon or grilse, the angler must return to the head of the pool, if other anglers are following.
  • Catch returns (including nil) are mandatory.

Gyrodactylus Salaris

This is a major threat to wild salmon. It is a parasitic freshwater fluke affecting rivers on the continent. We dont want it here.

Anglers who have fished abroad, MUST have carried out the recommended precautions and disinfectant procedures, before fishing here.

Contact the Spey Fishery Board Research Office for advice

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