4th January 2024

We finished the 2023 season with around 100 less salmon than the previous year, but this was in keeping with the rest of the river - catches down everywhere. Our reduced catch continues to be similar to nearby beats.

Although we have excellent fishing spots when the river is high, we are really a low water beat, and our conditions were adversely affected by continuously erratic water levels - up and down like a yoyo.
Let's hope for a more stable situation in 2024.
Our bookings are full for the prime time, but we are keen to attract visitors in the spring. Please contact us if you are considering a fishing party in the early part of the year, and we are very likely to be able to offer a very attractive package - even including food and accommodation.
Although spring catches have been much smaller in recent years, this is also partly due to a lack of rods on the water. 
Due to very high waters, a lot of of major repair work is being carried out just now by contractors and members....tracks have been washed away, and others require repair.....but all will be completed by the start of the new season on 11th February.
Despite all this expense, visitors permits are being maintained at the same prices as last year.
Finally, we have to report that the president - Gordy Young, has retired after 21 years in this position, although he will remain on the committee for a shorter spell to aid continuity.
Andy Milne, who has been secretary/treasurer for 26 years, has taken over as president - again for a shorter spell to further aid continuity.
Robbie Morrison, a member of some years standing, has been appointed Secretary/Treasurer.
Both Andy and Gordy had been wishing to retire for some time, but remained in place to complete negotiations with the Crown Estate in the securing of a long term lease of our fishing for the whole season - now completed.
Visitors - both regulars and new, can be assured that they will continue to be appreciated and looked after by the same faces on the water.
We wish everyone a successful season, and look forward to meeting you on the river.

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