30th November 2021

Our season ended on 10th August, and the catches were good from June onwards. We were greatly affected in the first half of the season by high water levels.
We can only but hope for no covid restrictions next season.
Our big news is that we have now secured the fishing for the whole season - ie right to the end of September. The cost of our lease has doubled, but for 2022 we are maintaining our current visitors' permit costs and will re-examine this for 2023. Our aim will always be to keep costs as low as possible to cover outlays.
£75 per day in the best part of the season is a fraction of the cost of private beats at this time, and we are pleased to report a very firm uptake in bookings for 2022.
The Association wishes all our members and visitors a safe and happy festive season, and hope to see you next year - book early!

13th February 2022

A start to the new season on 11th February in good conditions for our beat, but very few anglers venturing out.

The next beat up had a lovely springer on opening day, and one of our regular visitors lost a beauty in our Quarry pool, the day after.
Rods on the water would no doubt equate to fish being caught.
During the close season, new paths have been created, roads mended and considerable bank clearance has been carried out by stalwarts of the Association, arranged by our well known member, recently retired as head ghillie on the Brae Water - Ian Tennant. This has given us considerably more fishing water.
The bookings have gone extremely well from April onwards, but we would love to see a better take up in the early part of the season - chance of springer on beautiful fly water for £25 per day, is good value.
We now have the whole of August and September, and still have vacancies in our last month, which only a few years ago had phenomenal catches....who knows when this will return.
Tight lines for 2022.

3rd July 2022

Along with several other lower beats, our spring catches were very poor. The fish seemed to run straight through, benefitting the middle and upper beats.
We have really only started to catch fish in the last couple of weeks, and with some rain and the river rising a few inches, prospects are looking good from now on.
A new track has been installed to the Island Stream/Snorkel, saving a bit of walking for the elderly among us.
To avoid duplication, the latest news is more easily obtained on our facebook page -  
www.facebook.com/fochabersangling association

18th December 2022

Well, our season is now well and truly over, and we are pleased to report a very successful one - catches up there with nearby private beats.

Winter work parties now being arranged for road, bank and path maintenance.
We are also pleased to announce that we have secured a long term lease on our beat, albeit at a further significant increase in cost. Despite this, we are maintaining existing prices, although we are reducing the cost for the latter part of September, in an effort to attract some new guests. We had a good September catch this year.
Also, we are very keen to get anglers fishing in February and March, as there has been little angling activity at this time on most beats, due to the decline in the spring run.  No rods out - no fish. A springer was taken on one of the lower beats on opening day this year.
To this end, please speak to us, and we can negotiate a package for a few days on the water. We have even secured a discounted rate for our guests at the local Gordon Arms hotel for single occupancy.
For the 2023 season, July and August is mostly booked, with just a very few odd days left, but we have availability throughout the rest of the season at very attractive prices.
May we offer our appreciation to our regular guests. 
Have a very happy festive season, and we look forward to seeing you next year. 
Remember - fishing updates on our facebook page.

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