February 3rd 2017

The start of the season is now only just a week away. Who knows what the opening weeks will bring.

After a record year for us in 2016, we are full of hope. Our salmon and grilse catch, last year, was our best in 20 years or so. We have the fishing only until 10th August, and that saw the best of the catches - later, the fishing was poorer.
There's always a chance of a springer early on, but you have to have your fly in the water.
We have kept our prices at the same daily rate for many years.......£20 a day for spring fishing on the Spey - eh? 
The pools appear to be in good condition, with no winter deterioration.....so looking good.
Fingers crossed for 11th February.
Tight lines everyone.

28th February 2017

A slow start to the season, with only 2 fish for the river, reported on opening day.
Water conditions have been favourable, but very few rods on the water on our beat and other lower beats. It's been said before - you cannot catch a fish unless your fly is in the water,
Our beat has yet to report a fish - only one visitor so far - but the next beat had an 18 pound springer on Saturday, so there are fish about.

18th April 2017

The lower beats have been underfished in the spring so far. This is a great shame, as the ghillies tell me that when rods were out, they caught fish.
This has been a good spring so far on the river, with reports of many springers in the 20 pound range
One of our visitors had a fish last Thursday and another 3 on the Friday......and another 2 caught the day before.....one by a South African visitor in his first 15 minutes of fishing. He'll go home thinking salmon fishing is easy.
And......another visitor also had 3 salmon today.
Our biggest salmon so far are 24lbs, 22lbs and 18lbs  -  also, a 3.5lbs seatrout on Saturday.
There are lots of fish showing.
With the increased catches etc, bookings are now surging ahead, which should be good for catch returns.
This is the time of year for the large March Brown midday hatches, and the dry fly can produce excellent results for the brown trout, and seatrout as well.
With so many salmon about, and our lower water levels suiting our beat, there will be little activity with the trout rod.
No need for full sunk lines......just a sink tip. All sizes of flies are catching.

19th May 2017

Our best spring start for many years. The fishing has continued to perform well, with many large fish, and we are still doing well. Visitors have been delighted.
All the lower beats seem to be having increased catches. Is this the beginning of the return of the once famous spring fishing?Fingers crossed.
We have low water at the moment, which suits our beat at this time of year, and floating lines would probably be best.
There are a few vacancies left, but we have had a surge in bookings, and have been disappointed to turn away requests when fully booked.
Please book as early as possible, and remember - catches MUST be notified immediately.

3rd July 2017

What can we say.....the fishing has continued to be excellent, with the traditionally best part of our lease yet to come.
Fish caught every day; up to 8 or 9 in a day; One angler catching 6 in a day; Many big fish to 20lbs, but a few small grilse also being caught.
This has been our best season so far, for many years.
The fishing is fully booked for the rest of our lease to 10th August, and we have been extremely sorry to turn away anglers wishing to fish.
The conditions for our beat are extremely favourable, and so we are confident of excellent fishing to come for our members and four daily guests.

6th January 2018

As previously reported, the 2017 season was excellent for us - our best for many years with 170 salmon caught and mostly returned.
We now look forward to the new season opening on 11th February, and we hope to see an increase in early season anglers - the fish were there to be caught last year, and indeed were caught in many of the lower beats, when anglers braved the elements.
Bookings are filling up fast, mostly repeat visitors, who extol the quality of our fishing and helpful nature of the local members.
Fingers crossed once again.

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